New album out on the 26th of April 2024

“Leave Me Here To My Quixotic Moods”

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Riddim Magazine: “One of the best ska bands in the world”

OX Fanzine: “The danes have been in the off-beat top-10 for a long time”

Rocking Steady: “One of the most well known ska bands in the world

Skalovers:This band is in the world top-10 of great ska bands




Babylove & the van Dangos has played more than 700 shows. Were you at one of the shows in 2006 in Japan or last year in Germany? Most of the shows are lined up here and each concert has unique stories to tell.


Experience one of the world’s best ska- and rocksteady bands live in concert.

The very elite of the ska and rocksteady world has long been recognizing the caliber of Babylove & the van Dangos and the catchy, outgoing, energetic music is playlisted on radios across the world. Featuring the charismatic lead singer Daniel Broman, a high powered horn section and a tight backing trio, the band has spent the last 20 years killing it at venues all over Europe and Asia.

Babylove & the van Dangos has been dubbed “one of the best ska bands in the world” by the German Riddim Magazine. According to Ox Fanzine they are among the top 10 ska bands on the planet. The band is thus a firm establishment among the elite of ska and rocksteady acts. The six band members have been honing their skills and building their reputation with more than 700 concerts in Europe and Asia including performances at Roskilde Festival, Spot, Smukfest, This Is Ska, Berlin Ska and Dynamite Ska.


Booking in Denmark: Bullet Booking

Booking in Germany: FF-Dabei Booking